So you have seen some of the posts in the Knoxville Observers Facebook page about Star Parties. You wonder what happens at a Star Party? What do I even bring to a Star party? So first and foremost a Star party is a social gathering. When […]
So you’ve looked online and have seen some wonderful astrophotography pictures, but thought that it might be too expensive to get into the hobby. Well, if you have an old or a new DLSR/Mirrorless camera then you may be able to grab some incredible night sky […]
So one of the best tools that folks seem to use is a website called, Astrospheric. Of course there are other Apps on your smart phone or on the web like Clearoutside. In this post I will focus on Astrospheric as its a fairly simple and […]
Happy New Year and with that the re-introduction of the Knoxville Observer Website from the fiery ashes. In the last fews years the Pandemic has seen our local group get hit hard from both an events perspective; as well as folks leaving the group and losing […]